Children’s Classes

We’re planning to begin children’s classes this Thursday, apologies for the short notice.

Initially we’re looking to run the class Thursday 7:00-7:45 pm with an age range of 8-17 years. If this time ends up being too late for people, we may be able to move it slightly earlier after a few weeks. The mat fee will be £3 per class but we will also introduce a discounted half-termly rate next half-term.

If your child already attends Scouts during this time, there may be the opportunity for them to do one of their badges through attending Aikido classes. Please speak to Timothy Driscoll for details.

In other news, we would like to congratulate Ian McClarence Sensei (Newcastle) and Don Morgan Sensei (Port Talbot) on their promotions to Shihan (loosely translated as ‘Master’). Our congratulations also to Colman Glynn Sensei (Greenwich), promoted to rokkudan (6th degree), and Bill Jackson Sensei (Oxford), promoted to godan (5th degree).