A massive congratulations to my wife for passing her shodan on Thursday (we all knew you could do it!) and to all of our friends from Port Talbot, Cardiff, Malvern and across the BAF and Ryushinkan International who passed their gradings. A special congratulations also to Brian Smith Shidoin, head instructor at the Swansea University Club, for his recommended promotion to rokkudan; recognition not only of your hard work personally but also of the effort you’ve put into promoting and developing Aikido in Swansea, South Wales and in the BAF.

I thought the atmosphere at Summer School this year was very relaxed and friendly and the best it has ever been. I’ve always felt that Aikidoka coming together from so many countries and training in harmony is the great strength of Aikido and shows us how the world should be so make sure you go next year! Lastly, thanks to the Summer School organisers for putting on a good one.