Keiko Thursday 21st September 2017

Tonight we will practice kata dori ikkyo, nikyo and kata gatame/garami (first and second principles and shoulder pin/entangle from a grab to the shoulder).

Also a date for your diaries; to celebrate 50 years of the British Aikido Federation (formerly the Aikikai of Great Britain) next year, Hombu Dojo-cho Ueshiba Mitsuteru (great grandson of the founder of aikido) will be giving a special course at the Leigh Sports Village Centre, Leigh, Manchester over the weekend of Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October 2018.  This is an opportunity not to be missed and will be far cheaper than a visit to Japan so please make every effort to attend to improve your aikido.  More information on bookings will be available soon.

Other dates worth noting for next year are Spring Course on 14th and 15th April 2018 and Summer School from 18th to 25th August 2018.