New Website, Email and Courses

Please note that we have a new domain (website and email address).  It’s the same as the old one but with a “.uk” on the end.  The old website URL (address) will still work until the registration expires in March, however, the old email address will no longer work as the new address is with a different host and I can’t seem to get the old to forward to the new.

If your browser is still directing you to the old page, please clear your browsers cache and try again.  Exact instructions for doing this will vary between browsers so just search for “clear cache” with your browser’s name and follow the instructions.

In other news, there is a special course with Kanetsuka Sensei and Ohta Sensei in London on 16th and 17th September and a BAF National Course in Oxford on 30th September and 1st October.  Please see the BAF Course Calendar for links to more information.